Omaha, NE, USA



Spring is around the corner,in some areas it is already the spring season well here in Omaha we are
not yet into the spring proper i.e we are still to get to spring. It's been pouring cats and dogs over here, LOLL. But that didn't stop me you know I am so excited that it is becoming warmer and warmer that I could not wait to post this blog post for you guys to enjoy. I have already started shopping for this season and I am trying put together a  look book for you guys so you all can have some inspiration,and ideas as you shop for this this season grab a snack, tea or coffee and read on...


Well i have some ideas about this season and decided to share it with you guys why i prepare my look  book. As we all know floral prints is a big thing during the spring season and so there will be  of floral patterns my advice is to get beautiful floral patterns and outfits that you can be able to style easily during this season its as simple as that.
 Also slip on and sandals will be a big trend this spring therefore i will advice you to get some neutral colours that you can easily style with different outfits and a bright colour sandals or slip on so as to add some colour to your outfit.

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