Omaha, NE, USA




For the longest of time i have been wanting to try the Maybelline  fit me foundation and the L'Oreal true match foundation and for about 4 months now i have been rotating between those two and i have fallen in love with these foundation. i heard about these foundations from you tube and i decided it was time to try them reasons being that i had heard so many good reviews.

Maybelinne fit me foundation is my favorite of them both. what i love about it is the fact that it is so light weight and it is as matte as it comes. i love the fact that it does not feel tacky or heavy on the face. another thing that makes me love this foundation is the fact that even when u add cotes it does not crease which is amazing for the price.

L'Oreal true match foundation is as good as the Maybeline fit me foundation but in my opinion i prefer Maybeline better reasons being that it is the one I am most comfortable with.

The question most people ask me is that is it worth trying and my answer is a big fat yes. If you are somebody who is working on a budget and cannot afford spending a lot of money on foundations or you just don't want to spend money on foundations these 2 foundations are just what you need and i a sure you you will be happy with the results as i am .......


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