Glam Bag | ipsy August 2016:

So I decided to try ipsy because the fact of trying new products for less is not only appealing it helps me save a lot of money in the process. To start with this post is not a sponsored post although I will not mind being sponsored I just enjoy this concept and that is why I am writing about this hope you enjoy this post. So for the past 2 months I have been receiving parcels from ipsy and the products are just so amazing I have tried brands i had never heard of I also tried brands that were so expensive that I did not want to risk my money on them and then not like them at the end and for only $10 a month. Well I am going to share with you all the products I received for the month of July and August.

Everyone loves to see how bloggers spend their day! Here's what a day looks like in my household!:

Well as a part time blogger myself i always think about how other part time bloggers manage their time with school and all and still try to be consistent bloggers at the same time. I have read a lot of posts and today decided to write my own so you all can read and have fun while doing so. I literally just started the fall semester and I am literally writing this right now in the cafeteria looking at people come and go and I am like how will I pull this up?, especially because I have such a busy semester as most people will obviously have and looking at my work load I am just so discouraged to even write some thing to be honest but.................that doesn't mean I am not going to write posts obviously.