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Everyone loves to see how bloggers spend their day! Here's what a day looks like in my household!:

Well as a part time blogger myself i always think about how other part time bloggers manage their time with school and all and still try to be consistent bloggers at the same time. I have read a lot of posts and today decided to write my own so you all can read and have fun while doing so. I literally just started the fall semester and I am literally writing this right now in the cafeteria looking at people come and go and I am like how will I pull this up?, especially because I have such a busy semester as most people will obviously have and looking at my work load I am just so discouraged to even write some thing to be honest but.................that doesn't mean I am not going to write posts obviously.

One of the many ways in which I planned to have posts ready for you guys is to keep a planner and make myself a schedule which is not easy for me especially because I have never been some one that ever used a planner but after watching a lot of YouTube videos I decided to give it a try and I can tell you it helps me a lot especially being organized.

One of the important things about planning is that you should be realistic anyways that's my personal opinion but it has really helped me a lot and i think its good for me to share it with you. At first i would feel my planner with things i wished to do and not what i actually did and at the end of the day i will have done just one thing out of the crazy list i had made for that matter. So i learned to be truthful to myself and my planner so i would always be realistic to myself and my plans.

Another problem i faced was that i would fill my planner with so many things for a day which is humanly impossible to do and at the end of the day i have not crossed up to two things because it just felt so wrong that i had not done a lot and that will make me quit using a planner but now that i know how to use a planner i am excited to say that i actually enjoy using a planner.

Another big thing that has helped me as a part time blogger is that i actually write posts and automatically schedule it for like the whole month and this helps me a lot because i always have content and it does not disturb me or affect m studies and my plans.

Well i hope you enjoyed this  reading and hope it helped some of you guys out there who are facing a similar problem. Until next time then people.

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