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Hi lovelies, yeah i know its been a minute and i have received some messages asking where i have been i have been sick for a while  and i have stayed away for my laptop for a while. But its the season to be jolly and i cant wait to stump you all with new posts I promise to post as regularly as once a week.
So as the post goes i will be talking about my favorite lip products for the year because i am really big on lips even thou i always stick to browns,nudes and warm shades. That doesn't mean i don't wear colours doh!!!!!!!!!! well I have tried a lot of products tried different brands but I have some brands that are my absolute favorite and i will tell you a lot about these brands.They are Colour pop, Kylie Cosmetics,Mac and to be honest these are the brands that fill up my lip collection.

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This is basically me with the warm colours and i can assure you that the ultra matte lip stick are amazing omg guys i have been wearing this for the longest time and i tell you it is worth every $6 and for the price it is amazing,


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Kylie Cosmetics has been a fav of mine since it launched and i have spoken about it before and i tell you people this lipkit is amazing i love love it and i swear by it guys and i love it. The only thing that sucks is the price but duh!!!!!!!! its Kylie right.
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Mac cosmetics has been in the industry for the longest time and it is the only non liquid lipstick i wear til now and guys y'all know Mac so i don't have to talk much about it.

Hope y'all love this post because i had fun writing it.

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