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I am actually really excited 😊 about this series which am starting on my blog because as an international student you have a different experience than others especially if you had never been in that country before I hope you enjoy this post because I enjoyed writing it.
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I came to the US on April 8th 2016 for the first time. Now bear in mind that i have never been in the US before I got a visa and bought my ticket and hopped on a plane from Cameroon to America all alone and that was a 27 hrs flight. GOSH it was long we had to do stops in Ethiopia, Ireland and then we arrived in the US. to be honest i was so scared because I was moving to a place where i knew nothing and i was just so tensed and terrified. Now to all those who are moving to another country all by yourself just take a deep breath and follow all the instructions you see ask for help if you need it and please please ask questions so you will not be lost. Don't be too scared because many people have been there and done that and so you definitely can do it don't fret and be polite. I ell you that helps.

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Arriving in America was like a dream come true I was excited, scared and nervous all at the same time I was a turmoil of emotions. What saved my life was the fact that i asked questions and asked for help when i needed it. Where ever you go ask questions don't just do things because they look similar to what is done in your home country because you might be wrong its better safe than sorry so my advise is just to ask o you are on the safe side. You do not want to do anything that will put you in to trouble o your first day. Another thing is you should be truthful always say the truth it will save you a lot of trouble and it will make your life easier especially in a new country believe me.

So I reached Washington D.C and i was hyped i went through custom and checking and then that took a really long time everything went smoothly but it was a lengthy process but i followed all the rules and regulations answered all the questions asked and i had all the right documents which made it way easier for me. One other thing you should know is when going to a new country research on what documents you need to have and have them all even the once you think are not important believe me it is important and it will help you not to have trouble with the authorities. So after all these process i was to take my next flight from D.C to Chicago and then to Omaha but then I missed my flight. Imagine what went trough my head at that moment in a new country all on my own my phone is not working because i was in a different question what will i do next.............

Hold that thought and come back for more ..............

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