So its been a while since i posted so i wish you all a happy new year yeah!!!!!!!!!!!. So for this year I have decided to add another side to my blog which is giving reviews and sharing my favorite authors with you. So i stared reading novel when i was 14 and i have been reading for a really really long time i have a huge genre of novels i like so i guess i will have a novel for each and every one of you out there. I love me a good historical romance, LGBT romance, new adult, age gap romance OMG  i can keep writing for days i mostly read romance and most of my novels are for people 18+ so comment down below and inform me if you are younger and i will definitely look for books that suit you.
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So i will be talking about some of my favorite historical romance authors and books. This is one of
my favorite genre in the romance category and i am absolutely obsessed with a good highlander romance, if you are with me on this one definitely comment down below and tell me about it so i can know . Historical romance has been around for the test of time and i tell you it will be there for a really log time. I actually love the once written in the 20th century because it takes me to another time and makes me live in that world for a little while OMG i tell you if have not yet explored this side of romance then you are missing something fierce so you should definitely try it.

One of my favorite authors from this genre is no other than Julie Gar wood and she has written a whole lot of novels especially highlander novels. She actually captures your soul and takes you to another universe and these stories are so realistic that at the end of me reading or listening i find myself still dreaming about it OMG. She is a very accomplished writer and some of her books are as follows.

In her series Lairds's Fiancees which contains 2 books this was actually the first series i ever read from her and that was like 4 years ago and i tell you i love it so much the first book in this series is THE BRIDE and this book is amazing it talks about two highlanders who go to England for some meeting and a family who's father had not payed his tax in a really long time so the king of England decides to marry off two of the Barons Daughter to the highlanders but this story is more concentrated on Alec and Jaimie's story. I first read this book in 2014 and I tell you I have read it like 4 times since then this is an amazing story Jesus I have read it and listened to the audiobook. God this is actually the first Julie Garwood novel I ever read and it is a win it is worth every dime.

The second book  in this series is The Wedding which is not really an continuation of the first book. I have decided not to tell you guys about The Wedding until you guys ask me in the comments.

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