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Hello, lovelies I have been really into the

beauty section of my blog I can tell. Yeah, that's because I have a lot of beauty products that I have bought and have been testing so you will have to excuse me if I am hitting you so fast hope you enjoy this posts. So I decided i really needed a new set of brushes because it had been a minute since I got new ones I actually didn't want to spend a lot of money on brushes but I also wanted to get really good brushes at a reasonable price and I stumbled on this brushes which I got on a sale at BH cosmetics and guys I have never regretted it ever. Yeah yeah, am sure you guys are like why do you like a lot of sales its because I love to save some coins.
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One of the main reason I love this brushes is the density of the brush. This brushes are really dense and carry a lot of products. Another really good thing about this brush is that it doesn't shed which is a really good thing. I also like the color of the brushes it is so cute and also really girly and beautiful. I also like how soft the brushes are and for the price, you can't get it any better.

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