Hey you all hope you are having a great summer vacation because i sure am having a good one. Its been a couple of days since i wrote my finals and i have actually been resting and sleeping because i was tired duh. So during this last month of April I decided to invest in to some new eye shadow pallets reason been that it had been a while since i got some and the sales were actually amazing. I really went a little crazy with the pallets so I got the Juvias Place Masquerade pallet, Bh Cosmetic warm marble pallet, Carly Bybel's deluxe pallet and a Z pallet. Yeah I know what your thing gurl that is crazy i know but i couldn't just help myself. I have had enough time to use this pallets and test them out so i believe i can honestly give you guys a review that is accurate so hope you enjoy this.

The first pallet i would be talking about is the bh cosmetic warm marble pallet. This pallet is a really good pallet. It has very good transition shades and it is more on the warmer side which i prefer it is made up of both matte shades and some shimmer shades and it is a perfect first pallet. For the price which is about $12 you can't do any better. It is a good size to use during travels and you can achieve a simple lok and a glamorous look using only the pallet so it is a win win in my book. I have used this pallet a lot and it is definitely something i will buy again. One of my problems with this pallet is the fact that it has a lot of fall out which annoys me but its okay, also some of the shades are more pigmented than others which i don't like but for the price it is worth the money in my book.

The next pallet is the Juvias Place Masquerade pallet. Now I have been wanting to grab one of their pallets for the longest times but i always missed the sales. Even thou i like their pallets i just never came around to purchasing one of their items until now and i can say with all confidence that i have no regrets. i bought the pallet during one of their sales and i was so happy about that.

This is a very risky pallet for me because most of my pallets are warm tones and neutral but i decided to get this very colourful pallet so that i could play with the colors especially since it is the summer time. It has some blues,purples,green,orange and a lot of earth tones and it it really one of my favorite pallets so far. I have created a couple of amazing looks with this pallet and i really really love it. There is no negative review on this pallet it is perfect it is good for both women of colour and white women so there is no problem it is quiet a huge pallet even thou i got the smaller size so beware of that.I got it for $25 and it was on sale so try to check when they have sales so you could buy them for cheap.

The last pallet i bought is my Carly bybel deluxe pallet. This ia an amazing pallet and am actually happy i bought it. Am also happy i did not buy her first pallet because from what i am seeing it is almost the same colours but only that this time the deuxe pallete has more highlighters which i absolutely love love love.

I absolutely love the packaging it is ust amazing let me tell you the highlighters are anothr win in my book. I would like if the shadows where more pigmented and the fact that this palett is more cool toned makes me not to use it that much as the others for the price $19 i think the eyshadows are little to small for my liking but all in all it is an amazing pallet and you could use it just for decor and it will be really cute.

I really like this pallet because of the highlighters because they are really boom i love them. It is not really a must have in my opnion but it is a good pallet to addd to your collection.

Thank you guys for reading this post its been a long time coming and i really like this post it took a lot of time and effort in to writing this so dont forget to share, like, comment and follow me thanks.❤❤❤❤❤

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