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Hey, guys so its that time of the year and it is my favorite time of the year because I love giving and receiving gifts. I really enjoy gift shopping for friends and loved once and sometimes it could really be stressful especially when you have a lot of people to shop for so today I am going to be sharing with you some gifts ideas for HIM and this HIM could be a friend, a brother, cousin or significant other it actually really doesn't matter so stay tuned and enjoy this post.

1. Good old perfume:
Now for the longest time perfumes have been one of the most common gifts given to a friend, family and significant other. Some really good guy perfumes are the Giorgio Armani- Acqua Di Gio, Invictus For Men and the Dior Homme Intense. Now they all have different smells but you definitely could choose one that works for the person you are getting it for.
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2. Wallets:
I believe most men carry at least a wallet with them most of the time and it is something that is always very handy. Gifting them with a nice wallet is something that they will appreciate now this is not for every man out there as people are different but for those men who love their wallets a new one will really be a good gift idea as they are going to use it a lot of the time. depending on your budget you could get any type you think is nice and will look great on the person.
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3. Gift cards :
You can never go wrong with a gift card especially if you personally do not know what they want or you are running out of time. Giving them a gift card to their favorite store, coffee shop or whatever they are into is always a really good gift to give because they will buy whatever they want which is always good.
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4. Watches:
Most men I know love watches and most men I see around always have a watch on. this is not only a practical gift but it is one you could customize or personalize any way you want which is really nice. there are many different brands you can get for example a Jord watch, Daniel Wellington, Rosefeildwatch, Hugo boss just to name a few. most watches these days could be engraved with a personal message so it will also make the gift really personal.

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5. Tickets:
Getting tickets is always a good idea. Getting tickets for a game or a show that you both could go to or he could go with a friend is always a good idea and it is really a good gift for HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post don't forget to comment down below and tell me what you got for the HIM'S in your lives and subscribe to my blog.


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