How to study during the summer vacation


After a grueling semester it is just unthinkable that some of us have to go back and do some summer classes. Hey a girls got to so what a girls got to do and in this post i will be sharing with you guys some tips and tricks that help me study in an effective manner during the summer.

Set yourself some goals:
Yes its sounds easy right but a lot of people don’t even think about this step when preparing for any semester. This is really important during the summer because you are actually setting yourself a roadmap on how you want the semester to go and this will help you stay focused as well as know what your goal is and what you have to do.You can set your goals any way you want. It all depends on you, you could do it in a to do list fashion or you can decide to do it in a more journals form what ever suits you best do it in that way.

Take some really amazing notes:
Summer classes go by really fast especially because it is so compressed. Six weeks is a really short time to go through things that will normally take 4months, this is why taking amazing notes is important. When you have amazing notes you are basically making the studying process easier on yourself and you have a higher chance of having good grades in that class. Also taking good notes means you are taking the notes in your own way and in the way you understand. This reduce your study time because you will be revising the notes and not trying to make sense of what the text book is saying.
Find new study areas/ Find new study buddies:
The summer time is a great time to meet new people and find new study groups and areas to study. Changing your scenery will actually do wonders to your studying. Try studying outside or moving tables or just build. anew routine and it will make such a huge difference. Also during the summer not all your friends will be taking classes like you so this is the best time to meet new people and find new study groups. If you don't have a study-group don't worry there are so many study with me sessions on youtube so you can definitely still virtually study with new people.

Sync your school and social calendar:
Now this is something I swear by because it actually works. When you have so many different calendars in my opinion it makes it difficult to actually know what you have to do and at what time. When you have your social, work and school calendar in one place it gives you a real sense of what your day looks like and you defiantly can plan more and plan better on how you are going to tackle the pigs for that day.
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When retaking a class don't start from the beginning:
Yes sometimes we take summer classes because we didn't do well in a particular class but not to worry you have an advantage over the others. Since you have taken this class before you know the areas you need to focus more on the the parts you just have to gloss over. Also you have your previous notes and things you used in that class so just use them during the summer and you will be golden.
Give yourself a break:
Remember it is still the summer, take breaks and do other things that are not school related this is going to help you study better because you will not feel like you are missing out on something. But as with everything do it with moderation. And remember this will literally be over in no time.

Have an idea of what the test will look like:
It's always good to be prepared and having an idea of what the test is going to look like is a really good ways to go. Look through test preps or quizzes the professor gives as well as ask them what the test will look like and that way you can plan accordingly and know what is your best strategy for studying.

Use all the resources at your disposal:
There are so many resources you can use to make your study experience easier and way mire fun. Try them out and figure out what works for you ad what doesn't. Some of them are;

  • reviews with professors
  • practice questions
  • quizlet
  • chegg
  • text books
  • class notes
  • study apps
Hope this was helpful and you learned a thing or two from this post. Let me know what you thing about these tips in the comment section and I will see you in the next post.

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