Building Credit as an international student.


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Well hello guys, so it seems like this year is starting off great because I am motivated as ever and I am literally going all out with the different types of content I am creating for you guys, again follow me on all of my social medial platforms.

In this post, I will be sharing with you all the importance of credit in the United States. If I am honest with you this is a very tricky subject and so don't take my word for it. Read this post and then go ahead and do your own research because there is nothing like too much research.
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As you already know or if you didn't know credit score is very important in North America, you need a credit score to rent an apartment, buy a house, buy a car, take a loan like honestly credit is very important. As important as it is also very tricky and if you are not careful you will literally fall into a trap. Before you know it you will be swimming in debt so if you don't want to be in that situation then make sure you are aware and do your research. There are several ways to build credit;

  • take out a loan
  • get a credit card
  • pay your bills
just to name a few. One of the fastest ways to build your credit is through a credit card. Now when deciding to get a credit card definitely do your research, look at the benefits they all offer and make sure there is no annual payment needed. I personally recommend having just one credit card with a really minimal amount of credit line especially as students just to be safe because again it is credit you are technically borrowing money and when you borrow you have to pay it back and with interest. Some starter credit cards are;
  • discover it
  • capital one quicksilver one
  • tourney
  • wellsfargo
  • bank of America
again these are just a few, if you feel overwhelmed go to your local bank and ask them for assistance and it will be given to you.

One thing to note is that if you don't pay your card on time it is going to affect your credit score in a negative manner so be careful and always know how to pay your credit card bills.

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