Self-Quarantine: how to stay motivated at home


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Hey guys! so I have been trying my best to bring you as much content as I possibly can, I am so excited to have a little more time to myself to concentrate on my blog. if you want more content from me I have been posting more often on Instagram as well as on my podcast so please don't forget to check out those other platforms as well for more content from me.

So most of us are going through self-quarantine and as a college student starting on Monday things have to go back to normal because the spring break is over and school resumes. tell me about it what a spring break. I had two weeks of spring break but I already feel like the semester is over and I should just pack up my books. But that is not the case I have to get ready for the next half of the semester and adjust to having my classes fully online. Some tips and tricks for staying motivated and studying during this time of self-quarantine are as follow;

Create a schedule:
Creating a schedule is one way to stay motivated. Having a clear vision about your day helps you get in the mood and it also helps you see what you have to do and that will push you to keep on track. with creating a schedule you could do it any way you want. you could make it as detailed as you want using the bullet journal method, a calendar or just by jotting it down on a sticky note, again it's up to you how you want to tackle this.

Clean your environment:
Yes I said it clean your space. a clean space is a clean mind at least I believe so. I don't know about you guys but for me if my space is dirty or just messy I find that I am very lazy and also very distracted. taking even if it 10 minutes to tidy up your space will do you some good. in that regard making up your bed also is a good way to get motivated. I am the type of person that when my bed is made up I really don't want to climb into it until its time to go to bed. so doing the small things all help in the long run.

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yes I know that there is a lot of stress on exercising during this period but actually it is very true. when you stay home all day you get weak and lazy and just don't feel yourself. exercise releases endorphins and also just makes your mind sharp and you are ready to tackle the day.

It is important to eat when staying at home and working from home or studying from home. again I don't know about you but when I am at home I tend to have very bad eating habits. I tend to eat late or not at all which brings down my energy and messes with my mojo so eating regularly and on time will really help you stay motivated.

Keep your schedule as simple and as normal as it was:
keeping your schedule simple is very important. I have the tendency to over cramp things in a short time. It can be very overwhelming when you have too many things to do and it can end up being too much and in the end you end up not doing anything.

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