Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

 Happy new year well I really don’t know where to begin. It has really been a long time since I took the time to write a blog post. Being a blogger is part of me and is just part of who I am. I have been a blogger since 2016 and for some weird reason, I find comfort in writing. I believe it is therapeutic in a way. this is not because I want people to read what I write but mote that it makes me feel good inside which to me is the crucial thing here. okay, enough rambling let me give your guys a little summary of what the past 2 years have been for me because y’all it has been crazy.

QUESTION: where have you been and what have you been up to?

Well, to answer your question I have been here but life happened and that is the best answer I can give. Let's see I was to graduate in December of 2020 but I failed a class and this was a required class I needed to pass in other to graduate. it was not in my plans at all but I had to add an extra semester to take only one class to be able to graduate in the spring of 2021.

Next, there was this thing called adulting and finding a job. I was able to get a great job 3 weeks after graduation which was a blessing but then I had to adjust from being a full-time student to being a full-time employee. This is a topic for another day but that was a lot more stressful than anticipated. to crown it all I had to move out of my own. campus housing and find my own place. If you have gone through a move and found your own apartment then you know how stressful this process is. I kid you not it has been crazy. All this happened within a couple of months in 2021, to be honest blogging did not even cross my mind because I was so busy.

Then let’s talk a little bit about 2022. Well this year I really was committed to getting back into content creation but I started the year with covid and that really took me by surprise but am all better now and that is in the past. That was a nasty little bugger but hey such is life. Another thing I really did not anticipate is work-life balance. Nobody told me, honey. I really struggled with it all of last year and this year too. feeling like I don't have enough hours in the day to even breathe talk less or do things that I consider a hobby impossible. One thing I am learning to do is to structure my time to be able to do the things I want to do and that has been working out great for me so fart. Keep you updated on that.

Lastly one of the big decisions I made at the beginning of the year was to go back to school. Yes, you heard me. I decided to go back to school to get my graduate degree. I am really excited about this because I start in the summer and this makes me really happy. this is going to be a dedicated post for that alone because I feel like that needs its own explanation. Because I am going to be a full-time student again, I am going through this phase where I am trying to figure myself out again and rebuild my routine. This has enabled me to do the things I love again like a blog and that is why I am here.

QUESTION: So are we going to receive more content from you this year or is it going to be like previous years.

The answer to that is yes. Not only are you going to receive a lot of content from me, but you are also going to receive different forms of content. I will be relaunching my podcast “ I said that” so stay tuned for that. I will also create a youtube channel in the future, so if you want to subscribe to that, you can. It is called “a new journey with Bertie”. there I will have a lot of long-form content and you would get to see the person behind the blog. I also plan to be more active on Instagram you definitely should be following me on there too., I hope I can live up to all the expectations that I have for myself but I will certainly try my best.

I will really appreciate the love and support on all these different endeavors. it is not going to be easy but I really hope you enjoy the effort I am putting toward making awesome and amazing content for you guys.

I really wanted to just catch you up before I start regularly posting content back on here. I would really appreciate your thoughts and ideas in the comment section. thank you all.